1. Participant accounts will remain the same for the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Every Fall you must request a new account.

2. If you have not been credited for your study participation, please DO NOT contact the system administrator (i.e.,; instead, contact the researcher(s) responsible for the study. Please also do not contact the system administrator for inquiries on the availability of studies. Studies will come available on a daily basis; it is the participants' obligation to check for study availability on a regular basis.

3. Make sure that you set your spam filter to allow the the domain suffixes of and to be allowed or you may not receive important messages from the system including password reminders and study attendance reminders.

4. You MUST have a email address to request an account (your User ID will be your email prefix--you CANNOT choose another User ID). Please check your spam filter for the message from the system with your password. After receiving your password from the system, you may sign in and change the email to which you will receive all messages from the system by entering an alternate email in the "Alternate E-mail Address" field.

5. Please do not contact the system administrator (i.e., inquiring as to when or if additional studies will become available throughout the term. The system administrator will not respond to these emails.

6. The Lazaridis School Research Participation System (LS RPS) is separate from the Psychology Research Experience Program (PREP) and the Psychology Paid Pool. Under no circumstances can PREP or Paid Pool credits be transferred for use as bonus marks in the LS RPS. Go to if you are taking an eligible Psychology class and wish to participate in Psychology experiments.

7. Please consult the manual for technical issues before contacting the system administrator--->
LS RPS Manual.

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